Ultradent Ultracare Oral Anaesthetic Gel


Ultradent Ultracare Oral Anaesthetic Gel

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Ultradent Ultracare oral anaesthetic is a delightfully flavored 20% benzocaine gel that provides rapid, profound topical anesthesia. Deliver it via syringe using the Micro Capillary™ tip or Blue Micro® tip to increase patient comfort during subgingival scaling and root planing.

Ultracare can be delivered directly onto a cotton swab or expressed from a 1.2ml syringe through a Micro Capillary tip or a metal Blue Micro tip. Use these tips during root planing in deep perio pockets or for inducing anesthesia prior to rubber dam placement.

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Key Specifications

Syringe and IndiSpense

Convenient syringe delivery offers precise placement, easy cleanup, and reduced waste. It also allows access to subgingival areas with minimal discomfort to the patient. For pretreatment prior to root planing and scaling, . The competition charges over $6 per cartridge and requires the purchase of an expensive dispenser. Ultracare anesthetic gel is effective and tasty. Syringes are available in Ultradent’s famous Walterberry flavor and fabulous Orange Cream flavor. IndiSpense syringe refills are available in Walterberry, Bubble Gum, and Orange Cream flavors.


Ultracare gel is also available in 30 ml bottles, providing flexible delivery options. Bottles of Ultracare gel come in Walterberry, Bubble Gum, Cool Mint, and Orange Cream flavors.

20% Benzocaine

Ultracare contains the optimum amount of anesthetic to keep your patients comfortable during injections, root planing, scaling, and other procedures.

Two Delivery Options

Ultracare can be delivered to oral tissues with a cotton applicator (ideal for pre-injection anesthetizing), or with a syringe and the Micro Capillary™ tip, the world’s smallest molded tip. Syringe delivery allows the clinician to deliver Ultracare directly into the sulcus to induce anesthesia right where it is needed.

Four Delightful Flavors

Ultracare is available in four flavors (New Orange Cream, Walterberry®, Bubble Gum, and Cool Mint) to please any patient’s palate.


Ultracare Bottle:

  • 1 x 30 ml bottle

Ultracare Indispense Refill:

  • 1 x 30 ml IndiSpense syringe

Ultracare Walterberry Econo Kit (983):

  • 20 x 1.2 ml syringes
  • 20 x 5 mm Micro Capillary tips
  • 20 x Blue Micro tips

Additional information


What is the makeup of Ultracare?

20% benzocaine in a water-soluble glycol base.
Does Ultracare have an aftertaste?

No. Ultracare contains special flavoring and sweetening agents to create great-tasting flavors with no aftertaste.
How fast does it take for Ultracare to induce anesthesia?


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