Buy DMG Silagum Putty & Light Body at Best Price in India


Buy DMG Silagum Putty & Light Body at Best Price in India

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  •  Exceptional dimensional
  •  Snap-set behaviour
  •  Easy and mess free handling
  • Excellent recovery after deformation
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Pre-impression material based on VPS in the MixStar cartridge and in the traditional putty jars.

The final hardness of Silagum-MixStar Putty Soft in the MixStar cartridge is adjusted for both an easy removal from the mouth, even with the use of Rimlock trays, and reliable application of correction techniques.The kneadable pre-impression material Silagum-Putty in the traditional jar is available in three different types.

Proven correction material based on VPS.

The use of Silagum-Light as the second phase of the correction technique or the double mixing technique ensures a precise impression of the marginal area of the preparation. Silagum-Light exhibits a convenient viscosity that simplifies the application, but at the same time ensures safe handling by the user.


Addition curing vinyl polysiloxanes, hydrogen polysiloxanes, fillers, pigments, additives, platinum catalyst


  • Crown and bridge impressions,
  • Inlay and onlay impressions


Silagum Putty –

  • Easy dosage
  • Excellent recovery after   deformation
  • Easy removal from mouth
  • Expectional kneadability
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Especially suited for two-phase impressions with Silagum-Light/Fast

Additional information


Silagum-Putty can be used in all common impression trays. In order to improve the adhesion of the material to metal or plastic trays, a tray adhesive can be applied (e.g. DMG Tray Adhesive)

In order to ensure that the two impression materials bond securely with each other, a period of no more than 30 min may pass between the pre-impression and correction impression. Alternatively, it is possible to employ the double mixing impression technique


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